Kit de luz LED de Klass Fan para sistema de módulos. 18W 1900 lúmenes

  • Kit de luz LED de Klass Fan para sistema de módulos. 18W 1900 lúmenes
Kit de luz LED de Klass Fan para sistema de módulos. 18W 1900 lúmenes
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Kit de luz LED para sistema de ventilador de módulos de Klaas Fan. Potencia 18W lúmenes 1900 y 4500 Kelvin.




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Repairability index

Con Klass Fan podemos diseñar nuestro ventilador de techo eligiendo por piezas el modelo que estamos buscando:

El motor

Hay un motor DC. 

Con cuatro acabados (negro, blanco, Cromo cepillado y marrón). 

Es compatible con todas las palas del Módulo.

Las Palas.

   Hay cuatro modelos de palas (por forma, por medida).

   Cada uno de los modelos tienen tres colores (negro, blanco y marrón).

   Medidas entre 127 cm y 132 cm.

Kit de luz 

Hay cuatro kits de luz LED en distintas potencias, tonalidades de luz y formas.

Con cuatro acabados que coinciden con el color del motor (negro, blanco, Cromo cepillado y marrón).

Para aquellas personas que no quieran kit de luz para su ventilador, Klass Fan dispone de un embellecedor que con el mismo color que los motores.


Kit de luz LED para sistema de ventilador de módulos de Klaas Fan. Potencia 18W lúmenes 1900 y 4500 Kelvin.


Acabado: blanco

Difusor: acrílico

Tecnología: LED SMD en placa



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Repairability Index

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Repairability Score

Understanding the Repairability Score: A Key Indicator for Conscious Consumers

What is the Repairability Score? The repairability score is an indicator designed to inform consumers about the ease of repairing ventilation products. This score, presented on a scale from 0 to 10, evaluates several aspects of the product, such as ease of disassembly, availability of spare parts, and relative repair costs.

Why is it important? In a world where sustainability and ecology are becoming increasingly important, the repairability score helps consumers make informed choices. By opting for products with a high score, consumers can not only save money over the long term but also contribute to the reduction of electronic waste.

Disclaimer: The Repairability Score is essential to distinguish the repairability score specific to ventilation from the general repairability index. Currently, the standard repairability index is not directly applicable to ventilation systems. That's why we have developed our own repairability score, adapted to the specific features of our products.

What is the Repairability Score for Ventilation?

The repairability score that we calculate internally is a key indicator for evaluating the ease of repair and the durability of our ventilation systems. This score takes into account several factors:

  1. Documentation: We evaluate the availability and quality of installation and repair manuals. Clear and comprehensive documentation is essential to facilitate interventions on our products.
  2. Product Disassembly: This criterion examines the ease of access to various components, especially critical elements. We consider whether it is possible to carry out repairs without having to return the product, due to the complexity of certain operations.
  3. Availability of Spare Parts: We distinguish two main suppliers:
    • Assemblers: They generally stock parts such as motors and blades due to their compatibility with multiple models. This reduces the likelihood of major changes from year to year and ensures smooth availability of spare parts.
    • Distributors of Finished Products: Their commitment to product longevity influences their decision to stock spare parts or not. Depending on their commitment, they may decide to change their product ranges and stock spare parts accordingly.
  4. Fan Boutique's Commitment to Product Longevity: Our company is committed to updating these indices by sharing other customers' experiences and the ease or difficulty of obtaining parts from the manufacturer.

In conclusion, the repairability score is a valuable tool to promote more responsible and sustainable consumption. By choosing products with a high score, consumers can positively influence manufacturing practices while benefiting from more durable and economically advantageous devices.

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